Byobu / Tmux / Screen


Function keys work by default only in byobu.

ctrl-a cF2create new window
ctrl-a pF3previous window
ctrl-a nF4next window
ctrl-a ctrl-aprevious window
F5refresh all status notifications
ctrl-a dF6detach from session / leave
ctrl-a [F7scrollback / search mode
ctrl-a AF8rename current window

Tell byobu to not set the terminal window title


Set the title of your terminal window by running

echo -ne "\033]0;${HOSTNAME%%.*}\007"

This will set your terminal title to the hostname your are on (without domain part). Add this to your $PROMPT_COMMAND to set it automatically with every command you run.

Plain Text Messages in Apple Mail

I am a fan of plain text, so I prefer using plain text mails whenever possible. Here is how you do it for Apple Mail ( OS X El Capitan, but probably works on most versions).

Change the (default) format  for all messages:

  • go to Mail > Preferences, click Composing, then choose Plain Text as Message Format.

Change format of the current message:

  • go to Format > Make Rich Text > Make Plain Text

Reply to messages in the same format you received them:

  • go to Mail > Preferences, click Composing, then select Use the same message format as the original message

Most probably you will also want to use fixed-width font for plain text messages. So, go to Mail > Preferences > Fonts & Colors and choose Use fixed-width font for plain text messages